October 2017 Update

Wow! This year has been huge for us. A lot has changed since we started last year in October 2016. Our business anniversary has come and I have to say I am so proud of us for what we have achieved.

Over the last year, we have sold several more dosing pumps and established new relationships with extraction companies. I think the most important thing for us to consider as we proceed is how we interact with other professionals in this industry. Maintaining a solid reputation is my no.1 goal. 
While chemistry technique and engineering knowledge are paramount to the success of our business, I truly believe that its the relationships that we are building with people in the industry that set us apart. We never thought Beaker & Wrench would be a “big deal,” and for the most part, its not. We are a very well-integrated team of two, with no current plans to grow to a big company (although we may add another engineer soon). Respect and professionalism in our interactions with others are key. 
We get a lot of requests for projects, and Ace and I have decided to focus our attention only on a few clients at a time. Quality over quantity is the order of our day. We can’t give our best work if we can’t form a true relationship with the human beings we are working with. This isn’t just a grab-and-go business deal- our work is high-impact and resonating. We realize the importance of what we are doing.
Right now, we are relocating to LA to work with a very special client to help bring them into 2018 even stronger than they are currently.
Our goals are to : 
1. Build a safety network of compliance with all state and local laws and OSHA regulations.
2. Increase efficiency to the point that we obsolete ourselves from the bulk process.
3. Scale output 10x
4. Build upon processes already being used in the vegetable oil industry that we can apply to cannabis.
After we scale production for this entity, we will expand our services into the greater California area and then into the US. It is a big wide world out there, and we are thrilled to be part of the Green Rush.
Recently I (Lilibel) was also introduced to the co-founder of a large organic beauty company that is sold in Ulta. She wants to collaborate with me on some cannabis-based skin care lines. I couldn’t be more honored, and I’m inspired that I get to work on something totally new! Coming soon to Beaker & Wrench’s shop.
We will also be taking on a select few larger consulting projects over the next year. The dosing pump and other products will remain for sale and customers will receive the same unparalleled personal service they are used to.
 In addition, we will also continue to work on non-cannabis related projects.
We currently have a prototype in the making for a kiteboarding hydrofoil that is more “entry-level” (a provisional patent has been filed!!) Stay tuned for videos of Ace trying it out! 
It hasn’t all been candy canes and milkshakes – we’ve dealt with losses, disappointments, and even emergency surgery. Its done nothing but make us stronger and more grateful to be alive in this time in the world, right here, right now.
See you soon in LaLaLand! 
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