Pesticide Remediation in 2018

Its the end of 2017, and looming ahead of us are the new regulations that California has proposed for 2018. On November 16, 2017, regulations were released. They are proposed, but will most likely stay in place with few changes.
On my personal docket is a thorough understanding of the landscape of oil processing and release to market. I’ve printed out the pesticide regs and refer to them regularly. One of the first things I did at my new lab was to institute a rigorous pesticide testing protocol. It certainly has brought out people’s true colors.
Some people are pleased by the organization and forethought to 2018, while others remain fearful and angry. There are those who will sink and those who will swim next year. I intend to have a strong boat, ready to navigate the seas of red tape that the bureaucrats of California have put forth. I believe my military experience (we wrote the book on red tape) will serve me well in this particular endeavor.
On the research front, I have made a breakthrough in pesticide remediation in cannabis oil. I will offer this service to the market in January of 2018. The service will be exclusively for processed oil (distillate) that needs pesticide remediation. Bring me your dirty distillate, I will remove the pesticides, or at least get them to an acceptable level (outlined by the State of California).
Please contact me at if you have material that requires remediation.
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