Groundbreaking Innovations in the Cannabis Industry

Groundbreaking Innovations in the Cannabis Industry

Growing cannabis requires concentration, patience, and commitment to plant health. The cannabis industry knows the marriage of technology and organic processes better than most, so check the new stuff out on the market in the business. These are the most groundbreaking innovations in the cannabis industry.

Internet of Things Integration

Agronomists in the modern era understand the connection between organic growth and fabricated systems. Many cannabis growers utilize indoor farming techniques to maximize growth opportunities and develop unique blends. Because indoor facilities lack natural sunlight and weather exposure, people must replicate these photosynthetic factors separately.

Cannabis farmers must harness the technological power of indoor grow lights, sprinklers, thermometers, and hygrometers. However, these systems now have internet connectivity that enables users to control all systems simultaneously from one software platform. Instead of tweaking each light bulb and turning sprinklers on manually, cannabis growers can handle these functions at the touch of a button. Now, bulb luminosity, watering cycles, temperature levels, and humidity can all work in tandem via internet of things integrations.

In fact, our team at Beaker & Wrench is developing an IoT application for our 12-inch wiper technology. Our users will have the unique ability to manage the entire wiped-film evaporation turnkey system via centralized software. Say goodbye to clunky technological management and manually repetitive resetting.

Seed-to-Sale Software

While technology can aid the growing process from planting to harvesting, the cannabis industry expands further than the soil. That’s why cannabis businesses incorporate seed-to-sale software. These digital systems equip business owners with the tools to manage inventory, comply with regulations, and analyze consumer behavior. With a one-in-all software, you can organize your business, anticipate trends, and outthink competitors.

Refined Distillation Techniques

The cannabis industry is full of innovative products that incorporate cannabis flowers, oils, and essences into consumer items. However, to refine materials like CBD oil, businesses must process the liquid through a distillation chamber. Originally, the method for evaporation-based refinement was short path distillation, which heated small batches of oil and took the liquid on a quick path into recollection bulbs.

Now, more advanced systems exist, such as our turnkey wiped-film distillation equipmentat Beaker & Wrench. The wiped-film method equips cannabis producers with continuous processing technology that minimizes residence time. Furthermore, wiper-based mechanics ensure maximum liquid capture, making these machines perfect for high-volume tasks.

Though more groundbreaking innovations in the cannabis industry are sure to occur, these are the top three to remember so far. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, there will be more business models, technological advancements, and regulatory requirements that should force more thoughtful innovation.

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