Magnesium Silicate – PR grade


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This is PR (Pesticide Residue) grade magnesium silicate and can be used to reduce or remove pesticides. It has a secondary effect of increasing clarity of distilled oil.

This adsorbent can be used in column chromatography or in a slurry.

Our process:

1. Dissolve oil 4:1 Hexane to Oil ratio (under a hood!).

2. Mix 5-10% of the mass of oil into the slurry of hexane/oil.

3. Perform 30-minute reaction at room temp with stirring (preferably in a reaction vessel connected to our filter device).

4. Filter through 5-micron screen using Beaker & Wrench Filtration system, directly into rotovap for closed recovery.

Note: May need to repeat multiple washes to achieve desired results if levels are very high.

Always use proper eye wear, lab coat, gloves, and fume hood when using flammable solvents. Use in a well-ventilated area. For lab use only.

MSDS Included!

Spec sheet

Activation temp: 675C

Provenance: United States, guaranteed Magnesium Silicate- PR grade.

Composition: Silicic Acid, Magnesium Salt (magnesium silicate):99-100%

Usage: Beaker & Wrench has had sucess using this product to reduce pesticides to below the legal limit, and in some cases completely remove them. The best situation is in oil that has low amounts of pesticide residue, as it will likely only take one wash to remove them to trace levels.


grade PR grade
CAS No. 1343-88-0
form coarse powder
particle size 149-250 μm
60-100 mesh
surface area 289 m2/g
suitability suitable for pesticide residue analysis, remediation, clarification of oil


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