How To Improve Cannabis Distillation Efficiency

Efficiency is key when working with cannabis extracts. Learn how to improve cannabis distillation efficiency and achieve higher quality results in the process.

Tips for Navigating Regulations in the Cannabis Industry

Following the codes and guidelines in the cannabis industry is a critical part of maintaining a successful operation. Here’s a breakdown of the regulations.

NRTL Certification Importance in the Cannabis Industry

Certified equipment creates ideal lab environments. This is the NRTL certification importance in the cannabis industry and some key advantages it provides.

C1D1 vs. C1D2 Guidelines: Understanding the Differences

Workplace safety is vital, especially in the cannabis industry. This is why understanding the differences between C1D1 and C1D2 guidelines is so important.

An Overview of the IQ, OQ, & PQ Process for Cannabis Producers

The quality assurance process in the cannabis industry is essential. Check out an overview of the IQ, OQ, and PQ process for cannabis producer usages.

5 Reasons Decarboxylating Cannabis Is Important

Raw cannabis doesn’t provide the effects consumers are after. These are five reasons decarboxylating cannabis is important for creating a quality product.

Groundbreaking Innovations in the Cannabis Industry

Recent groundbreaking innovations in the cannabis industry have improved business operations. Learn more about this creative growth and expansion today.


Decarb is Here. Beaker & Wrench just launched their first Decarboxylation Reactor. I sat down with Ace Shelander, CEO, to find out more. 50L Decarboxylation Reactor Los Angeles, CA —  You’ve been in wiped-film evaporation for 5 years now, why are you just now launching the decarb system? “With no solutions for decarboxylation currently on..

Holiday Break!

Thank you for being a loyal customer of Beaker & Wrench! We will be out of the workshop from December 24th, 2020 to January 4th, 2021. Orders will begin to be processed Monday, January 4th. We appreciate you & Happy Holidays!

Beaker & Wrench TV launch!

Check our Beaker & Wrench TV!   On this channel, you’ll find informative, up-to-date content, plus an exclusive look into our day-to-day operations. Join us as we bring together scientific expertise and real-world industry experience. Stay tuned, and please like and subscribe. Who we are: Beaker & Wrench is the leading manufacturer of wiped-film evaporator..

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