B&W 6″ Wiped-Film Starter Pack


B&W 6″ Wiped-Film Starter Pack

Beaker & Wrench has put together a starter kit to keep your operation running. We know how important it is to keep your flow continuous, which is why we encourage all of our 6″ Wiped-Film customers to have a back up plan readily available to them.

The starter pack contains the essentials, and includes:

  • (1x) 35mm Sphere to KF-25 sightglass
  • (1x) KF-25 to GL-18 sightglass
  • (2x) Chemical resistant KF-25 clamp & gasket
  • (2x) Check Valve
  • (2x) Check Valve o-ring kit (not pictured)
  • (2x) 6″ Viton Gaskets
  • (5x) Daily-Kleen™
  • (1x) Wiped-Kleen™
  • (1x) 100ml Diffusion Pump Oil
  • (1x) Gallon of Heat Transfer Fluid
  • (1x) Set of Wipers (24 total)
  • (1x) 1000ml Flask (for the cold trap)
  • (1x) NW-80 O-ring (for cold trap)
  • (1x) Oil Mist Filter replacement
  • (1x) Carbon Exhaust Filter
  • (1x) 6′ Heat Tape with Thermocouple
  • (1x) Outlet Pump heat pad
  • (1x) KF25 clamp & gasket
  • (1x) KF40 clamp & gasket
  • (1x) KF50 clamp & gasket
  • (1x) wide mouth mason jar adapter
  • (1x) 32oz wide mouth mason jar adapter
  • 50′ of Peristaltic Tubing

Lead Time: 2 Days

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