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Wiped Film Evaporator Cleaner

There are two types of operators: those that clean their Wiped Film Evaporators meticulously and those that do not. If you like performing daily maintenance on your Wiped Film Evaporator, choose Daily-Kleen™ by Beaker & Wrench®.
Don’t let the simple formula fool you into thinking Daily-Kleen™ can’t tackle the worst of processes. Each bottle is 950ml (quarter gallon), 1 use per bottle. Daily-Kleen™ is gentle enough for glass and tough enough for stainless steel!

Instructions for use:
1. Shake well! The solution will separate sitting idle.
2. Pour 1 bottle of Daily-Kleen™ and pour into your Wiped Film Evaporator feed.
3. Turn wipers on and set the body to 90°C and internal condenser 70°C or less. Note: Daily-Kleen™ works best immediately after distillation, when heating elements have been turned off yet still hot.
4. Daily-Kleen™ is meant to be used at atmosphere. Light vacuum can be applied but since it contains Limonene you may have to change your vacuum oil afterwards.
5. Pour solution into feed flask. Allow the solution to feed through your Wiped Film Evaporator at a steady pace.
6. Perform a rinse-run through the system with Ethanol in the same manner until the system is sufficiently cleansed.
7. Remove waste, install fresh flasks and turn vacuum on to “dry” system before operating.
  • Are you looking for a cleaning solution for your Wiped Film Evaporator that can handle next level grime? Check out Mega-Kleen™.
  • Are you in search of a weekly cleaning solution for your Wiped Film Evaporator? Check out Wiped-Kleen™!

Unfortunately, we do not ship this product internationally. 

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