Peristaltic Dosing Pump


The Peristaltic Dose Pump by Beaker & Wrench® is designed to feed oil into your system at a controlled, continuous rate.

Viscous material can be messy and difficult to work with. Breaking deep vacuum to load the feed is tedious and time consuming. The Peristaltic Dose Pump was engineered with distilling cannabis oil via wiped film evaporator in mind, and resolve the ongoing bottleneck. Adding the Peristaltic Dose Pump to your wiped film evaporator will increase productivity by saving your operators time!

The Peristaltic Dose Pump can be retrofitted to nearly any wiped film evaporator on the market. Acting as a conduit between feed and still body, the Peristaltic Dose Pump transports fluid seamlessly. There will be no need to break vacuum to reload the feed flask! From the feed tank, the material moves through a tube. The tubing is inserted between the pump manifold and the rotor, which has six rollers. As the rotor spins, a roller will pinch the tubing and will force the oil to flow onward. This cycle continues until you decide you’re done! When the tubing looses integrity, simply replace and continue production!


  • Maximum of 7L/hour
  • >Maximum vacuum of the pump itself is 1torr, but capable of holding deep vacuum when paired with a mechanical pump
  • 120v

Your order will include:

  • Power supply
  • 25′ of Abrasion-Resistant Versilon Polyurethane Tubing for Air and Water

1 Year Warranty: Manufacturing defects only! Email: [email protected]

  • >Please use NOTE section during checkout to state inlet size and/or what machine you will be attaching the dose pump to. This helps us give you what you need promptly!
  • Please be aware that the adapters and the feed glass are not included and must be purchased separately. We suggest something that can attach the 1/4″ tubing via GL-14 or GL-18.
  • This is for the Beaker & Wrench® Peristaltic Dosing Pump and Controller ONLY. If you are interested in the complete dosing system, click here. The Complete Dosing System includes: feed flask, peristaltic dose pump, tubing, heated transfer line, UL listed PID controller and adapter.

Lead Time: 1 Day

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