High Temperature Silicone Fluid


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Beaker & Wrench® offers a silicone based fluid that is ideally suited for high oxidation or complete exposed systems, like open baths. This fluid is ideal for jacketed circulators utilizing high temperatures and long term use. This product is long lasting because it is impermeable to oxidation at temperatures under 204°C (400°F). So long as it is not contaminated and operating within the specifications of the safety data sheet, the fluid will maintain long lasting integrity.

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Spec Sheet


Thermal Fluid: 20°C: 50.63cSt 30°C: 42.50cSt

Temperature Ratings
Maximum Bulk/Use Temp. 316°C
Maximum Film Temp. 366°C
Pour Point ASTM D445 -66°C
Safety Data
Flash Point ASTM D92 324°C
Fire Point ASTM D92 336°C
Autoignition ASTM E-659-78 437°C
Thermal Properties
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 0.0991%/°C
Thermal Conductivity: W/m·K
at 38°C 0.133
at 204°C 0.109
at 260°C 0.1
at 288°C 0.097
at 316°C 0.093
at 332°C 0.09
Heat Capacity: kJ/kg·K
at 38°C 1.717
at 204°C 2.035
at 260°C 2.144
at 288°C 2.194
at 316°C 2.248
at 332°C 2.278
Physical Properties
Appearance: colorless, clear and bright liquid
Viscosity ASTM D445 cSt
at -18°C 113.08
at 40°C 36.13
at 100°C 16.66
at 260°C 5.19
at 288°C 4.54
at 316°C 4.03
at 332°C 3.77
Density ASTM D1298 g/ml
at 38°C 0.958
at 204°C 0.914
at 260°C 0.899
at 288°C 0.892
at 316°C 0.885
at 332°C 0.88
Vapor Pressure ASTM D2879 kPa
at 38°C 0
at 204°C 0.138
at 260°C 1.793
at 288°C 3.516
at 316°C 6.826
at 332°C 18.823
Distillation Range ASTM D2887
10% 494°C
90% 679°C
Average Molecular Weight N/A
Specific Gravity @ 16°C N/