Stainless Steelhead™


Ultra high distillation rates &
2x the output

Gone are the days of “short-paths, long days.” Beaker & Wrench is now offering a new solution for bottlenecks affecting short-paths. Designed to help speed up the short-path process, this stainless steel distillation head will cut your processing speed in half.

The short-path column is universally adaptable and grows with your short-path system. If you are running a small scale system this is sure to be a game changer for your business.

Available in two sizes:

KF25 & KF40

*The Steel head will come with a 3″ thermowell sight glass

*Our steel head is patent pending 

Lab set-up images courtesy of our clients Green Truck Labs & Lighthouse Sciences

Product drawings:

KF40 Steel Head

KF25 Steel Head

Lead Time: 3 Days

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